7 tips for finding your perfect Yoga Teacher Training

Enrolling on a Yoga teacher training course has become very popular these days. Some people take the course to deepen their own practice, to take time out for themselves, without daily distractions. Some people take the course to take up a career in teaching Yoga. Some people take the course just to delve straight in to learn about this Yoga thing everyone is chatting about!

Whatever your reason for enrolling on to a Yoga teacher training course, here are some things for you to think about when choosing the right course for you.


  1. How do I find the right Yoga teacher for my training?

Does the Yoga teacher teaching the course resonate with your values, and the way you practice and your preferred teaching style? The yoga teacher you choose will inspire the way you teach, the way you see yoga philosophy and how you implement it into your daily life. A yoga teacher training can be a deeply opening life changing experience, so you want it to be with the right teacher. You can contact the teachers of the courses you are interested in and arrange to speak with them or ask any questions you have about the course. You can find out about them online and look into their online community. This will give you a good sense if what they are teaching resonates with you. After the course you want to be part of a supportive community in alignment with your values, so it’s good to know you will be held and supported after the course by fellow yogis.


  1. What style of Yoga should I choose?

Does the course fit with the type of yoga you practice and preferred teaching style? There are so many types of yoga these days, and I am sure you have practiced a variety yourself. The fundamentals of Yoga philosophy are mostly the same, but the physical daily asana practice can vary immensely. You must find the yoga practice that is right for you and your body. If you are not sure on the style of practice you would like to do your yoga teacher training in, you can explore attending different yoga classes and find out what is right for you. When looking into a yoga teacher training find out about their curriculum, daily schedule and what is covered. Make sure it is the right fit for you. There are plenty out there to explore. Some people even take multiple yoga teacher training in different styles of Yoga.


  1. How long should my teacher training be?

There are many different structures and time lengths of Yoga teacher trianings. Some are done a weekend a month over 6 to 12 months. Some are intensive of 3 to 5 weeks. Some are a combination of monthly weekends and intensive training. You need to find a structure and duration of training that fits in with your current responsibilities and life commitments. If you have children and are currently working, a weekend a month course in your local town would be ideal. If you can take a month off and need a break, a 4-week course in Thailand in the sun would be perfect. Explore your options and find out what is right for you.


  1. Which destination should I choose for my training?

Do you want to stay close to home or go abroad? Again, this will depend on your current responsibilities and commitments. If you are choosing monthly weekend training, nearer home may be more appropriate. If you do have the time and space to attend a training further afield, somewhere abroad in the sun could be a great option. A time out away from daily distractions to go deeper into your yoga journey and cultivate more focus and inspiration on your course. You should also research the studio space and accommodation if you are staying away. If you are thinking of doing an intensive you can also see if some meals are included. I have done all of my Yoga teacher training abroad intensive. The luxury is that I could eat, sleep, breathe yoga with little effort. From morning till night everything was there for me, and I could spend my energy and time purely on the study of Yoga.


  1. What support should I expect?

Do you feel you will be supported as a yoga teacher during and after the course to create a profitable healthy business? Once you’ve found a Yoga teacher you would like to learn from, do you feel they will support you through your Yoga teaching journey? Your yoga teacher training is just a door opening, another step towards your Yoga teaching journey and maybe Yoga business. Once you have completed your yoga teacher training there is still a life-long learning journey ahead. Do you feel this teacher can support you after the course, or guide you in the right direction to where you can get support starting out as a Yoga teacher? As a self-employed Yoga teacher, I feel that my business has really been a part of my yoga journey. It has tested my self-beliefs and self-worth. It has tested how I show up, how I serve others, and how I stay true to myself each step of the way. Make sure you feel supported as a Yoga teacher, not just as a Yoga student.


  1. What teaching credentials should I look for?

When looking for the right Yoga school for you make sure the school you choose is a registered yoga school. The most common affiliated organisation is Yoga Alliance. If the Yoga school is registered with Yoga alliance it means you are qualified to teach world-wide with their certification. There are other Yoga organisations such as Yoga Professionals UK. Make sure they are recognised as a quality training school and that you will be able to teach where you want to once you receive their certificate. You will also need a registered yoga school certificate to receive the correct insurance as a Yoga teacher.


  1. Impostor Syndrome?

When you see posts on social media about Yoga teacher trainings, or friends attending Yoga teacher trainings do you think, “that looks incredible, but I could never do that”, “I could never be a Yoga teacher because I don’t have the right body”, “I can’t even touch my toes!”. Well, we all start somewhere. Enrolling on a 200hr Yoga teacher training allows you to take your personal yoga journey deeper. Upon our Yoga journey we explore who we are, why are we here, our purpose, and how can we help others by staying in our truth? You do not need to be able to do a handstand, the splits or to be a certain body weight! You just need a passion to deepen your own personal yoga practice, to deepen your own inner connection to your soul, and the passion to share the gift of yoga with others. That’s all.


You will learn so much on a 200hr yoga teacher training. You will gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and implementing it into your thoughts, actions and life. Yoga is the practice of connecting to your truth, being authentic and living a life of alignment with your heart and soul.

On a 200hr yoga teacher training you will be grouped with a perfect soul tribe of other like-minded yogis who also want to take their yoga journey further and teach. You will expand your beliefs and view of the world. You will gain the tools to start a new career or enhance your existing one.


I wish you all the best when searching for your yogi tribe and life teachers.

Keep exploring. Keep questioning. Keep wondering.