We can discuss life philosophy, which I love doing! We can ponder and wonder on this magnificent life, but the magic of life is that we don’t know everything. I believe to have a human experience is to live in this wonder. If we knew everything we could just ascend to other dimensions and we would have nothing to learn here on Earth.

We are here for learning and experiencing. It’s great to remember who we are, a magical soul spirit somehow alive right now in this moment functioning inside a human body. If we think about it too much, it’s all a bit crazy! But I love to live in the wonder and awe of what exists and what is possible within our lives, our bodies and the natural world around us.

One thing we do know is we are born and we die. The birth of a child is a celebration of a miracle. For the female and male to come together at a particular point in time, for the exact sperm to meet the egg, and then grow a baby, under the perfect conditions and bring about a human being is a beautiful phenomenon we take for granted. For all these factors to happen so perfectly is astounding.

Traditional Chinese Medicine talks about Jing, our life force energy, given at birth. Jing can also be influenced through our life style choices. But TCM believes we are born with a pre-determined amount of life force energy. When our jing runs out our time is up. Some yogic philosophies believe we are born with pre-determined amount of breaths and that’s why we are encouraged to take long breaths, long breath long life!

So we are gifted this insanely beautiful mystical human life experience, and at some point, that may be pre-determined, it is taken away. This is another wonder of life. Life, death and everything in between is full of shifts, change and transition. Creation is life itself.

For every breath, lesson and experience you do have… make the most of it. It is beautiful. it is magical. It is life. And that is what we are here for.

Some of you may know, a lovely friend and Yoga Teacher of mine Kate Ashely and my father passed away recently. When loved ones die it gives us a deeper sense of reflection within our own lives, our values and appreciation of what is.