A poem I wrote recently. Reflections on meditation, awareness, and merging the observer with the doer. Individual consciousness merging with the whole. Divine awareness. The space we can reside where our mind realises, we are not the doer. Everything is just happening as it is. We can rest in the oneness of all. We are the stars, the moon, and the light.

It wasn’t a grand moment

It wasn’t a grand moment
Of all knowing unstoppable time
It wasn’t an orgasmic explosion
Pulsating up through my spine

It wasn’t an ‘aha’ light bulb moment
Reprogramming my cells and DNA
I wasn’t mind blown shattering illusions
With nothing left to think or say

It was a gentle unassuming ripple
A soft whisper from my heart
An ever unfolding remembering
Nothing to end and nothing to start

A sweet surrender to understand
That it was never really I and me
Doing all the Doing
But the oneness of all that sees

All the effort making things happen
Struggling to keep control
Was just my scared little mind
Trying to keep me safe and whole

I still have lots of things to do
And many dreams to follow
But there’s being in the Doing
Effortless ease and flow

I watch my breath most of the time
As it feels the most perfect place for me
It wasn’t a grand moment
As everything is always exactly as it should be


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