Getting in tune with you ‘why’, getting in tune with your body and learning to balance your masculine and feminine energy to feel fulfiulled and aligned.


Gemma began her yoga journey aged 16 at her local leisure centre, and has since travelled and attended many courses and training furthering her study and passion to learn about life. Gem now leads yoga teacher training courses and retreats for women.


Aged 21 she travelled around the world meeting magical healers, crystal workers, shamanic elders and guides. Since then her understanding of energy and this cosmic world just keeps expanding. Gem is a Reiki Master and trained Spiritual Healer. Gem also works with crystals and her spirit guides.


Gem has also studied extensively learning about the physical body. She is a fully qualified personal trainer, Sports massage therapist, Ayurvedic massage therapist and Thai Yoga massage therapist. She has also studied nutrition and gut health.


Gem works closely with the natural rhythms of nature, menstrual rhythms, and ayurvedic practices. She works intuitively looking at how the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies are working together and how best to bring healing.


Topics we discuss:

  • Trusting the universe
  • Checking in with your why
  • Finding alignment with the world you do
  • Combating blocks
  • Navigating feeling like you don’t belong
  • Managing energy
  • Learning to navigate your menstrual cycle

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