Gem Yoga Retreats

Feminine Success Retreat – Devon

Hosted by Gem Yoga & Lulu Minns Business Coach

Friday 25th – Monday 28th June 2021

Are you ready to discover and deepen the Spiritual and Emotional Development Tools you need to lead now and in the future? 


Do you want to unlearn the principles preventing you from stepping up and into your true legacy of work? 

Imagine if you could lead and make decisions from a more aligned, harmonious and congruent standpoint? 

We live in a world of polarities and one where feminine principles have long been buried, ignored and forgotten. 


And it’s the reintroduction of these principles which are essential for women to reclaim their worth, bring in more balance and harmony whilst stepping into their fullest potential. 


Now is the time you can learn (and deepen) the principles that will truly support you in discovering your part in redefining the future for yourself and the impact you are here to make. 


The 24 Principles to Feminine Success (designed by award winning Coach and Advocate  for Women Lulu Minns) that we will be focusing on during this retreat and enriched by the especially created yoga sessions by the deeply knowledgeable and experienced Gem Yoga.


Gemma will guide you through powerful morning classes awakening our Shakti energy (the feminine creative power), flowing through asanas with our breath (vinyasa). Deepening the experience with meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises) to enliven our feminine power. Classes will be taken at the yoga studio across the field from our accommodation at Luna and Wolf Yoga studio.


In the evenings Gemma will take you through some deeply restorative Yin and Yoga Nidra practices to connect you back to source, the divine Mother. To unwind, release and let go of what no longer serves us. To allow the undoing that a retreat in nature can offer us. So that we can fully step into our power, our purpose, fully, as the women we came here to be. Gemma will also offer you individual practices you can take home with you to help support you on your journey.


The Dali Larma once said ‘western women will save civilisation’ and now is the time you can learn the principles that will truly support you in discovering your part in redefining the future for yourself and the impact you are here to make.


It’s time. Time for the feminine. Time for you. Time for change.


Arrival time: 6pm Friday 25th June / Departure time: 10am Monday 28th June


Investment: £695 / Early bird £625 (if paid by 31st April)


Price includes: 3 Nights accommodation at a beautiful large country house, healthy nurturing vegetarian meals and snacks, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, 2 morning empowering Yoga sessions, 2 evening Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra sessions at Luna and Wolf Yoga studio, group opening and closing ceremony.


The principles to Feminine Success changed my life and my business ” – Sue Ellen

“Feminine Success is as disruptive as it is harmonious” – Helen 

“So many paradigm shifting epiphanies, mind blown” – Sara

“Magical and Transformational’ – Karen


Contact Gem: gemyogalife@gmail.com

Contact Lulu: lulu@luluminns.com

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