I LOVE hosting and running yoga retreats. It’s an honour to create space for others, to be, ro rest, to recharge, to reflect. Over the last few years I have been running yoga retreats in England and abroad. Then a few years ago, very organically, I teamed up with Lulu Minns of She Rebel Radio podcast. Lulu is a good friend and a very inspiring personal development leadership coach, supporting and empowering many women in business. Lulu had also been running retreats on her own for a few years. Together we feel we work very intuitively with each other, the group that gathers and what arises during retreat.

We have rented many beautiful locations in Devon, Cornwall and Sussex and gathered many amazing women. We are very passionare about the work we do and the women we support. We love the transformational journey of a yoga retreat. Lulu and I run yoga retreats for women in business.

Here are some of my favourite reasons to retreat:

Time for you

Experience real ‘me time’ away from day-to-day distractions, to reflect on what you want from life, your purpose, time to be.

Connect with your purpose

During the retreat Lulu leads group and 121 coaching. Lulu’s powerful coaching takes you right to the root of what is going on, helping to bring you clarity and direction in your business.

Rest and rejuvenate

Time to slow down and regain your energy levels. By taking a step back you gain a different perspective on your life and reconnect with whats important to you, and if there are any changes your want to make.

Deepen your personal yoga practice

With morning and evening yoga sessions you will deepen your own yoga practice. You will live, breathe and eat yoga, and feel the healing benefits of this beautiful practice.

Space for mediation

Daily meditation practices to observe and process what arisses for you during the retreat.

Time in nature

Reconnect with Mother Earth, the earthly rhythms, the healing power of the countryside, the trees, the ocean.

Sexy food!

Lulu and I offer yoga retreats with a mixture of meals provided by us and a collaboration of cooking together. We love sharing recieps and gathering to nurture and unwind at meal times.

Meet new like-minded souls

Connect with like-minded souls in a fresh new environment. You may make a new life long friend.

Time for your hobbies

We often neglect time for the things we love. Take the time on a retreat to do the things your love; reading, walking, creating.

Appreciate home

Removing yourself from the business of demands and responsibilities of your home life gives you the chance to appreciate all the things about your home you may have forgotten to be grateful for.


We have limited spaces left for our 2024 Sacred Feminine Yoga Retreats in Cornwall in 2024:

Spring Retreat: Tuesday 19th – Saturday 23rd March 2024
Autumn Retreat: Tuesday 1st – Saturday 5th October 2024
You can find out more about Lulu and her offerings here.
You can follow Lulu’s She Rebel Radio podcast for more amazing episodes interviewing inspirational women.