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Gemma is an amazing teacher. She explains everything so well, the postures, the anatomy and the reasons for both mind and body as to why we practice certain asanas. Gemma taught me to become a yoga instructor. This was my second Yoga Alliance teacher training and it was certainly Gemma that gave me the confidence to go ahead and teach. I recently attended her Inversion workshop, which was informative and fun. The time just flew by. ❤️

Lizanne Harris, Brighton, East Sussex

I’ve just completed my Yin Yoga teacher training with Gemma. I’ve enjoyed this course so much ! Gemma is a book of knowledge and a really lovely person . She is very good at teaching in a way that is accessible to everyone. Highly recommended!

Kristal Jacovides , Brighton, East Sussex

Yoga Teacher

Another wonderful, explorative yoga anatomy workshop with Gemma yesterday. I can feel places in my hips today that I didn’t know existed! Feels great. I learnt so much at the shoulder workshop too, it’s changed my practice and enhanced my teaching. Gemma creates a beautiful, safe space for allowing self discovery without ego, I love her workshops and Ashtanga classes. She is a very welcome partner in my yoga journey. Thanks Gemma xxx

Lisa, Brighton, East Sussex

I discovered Gemma after my mum had private one-on-one personal training sessions with her for a year or more. The results were astounding- my mum went from a size 16 to a size 14! She has maintained a healthy weight and life-style ever since; joined the gym, swimming 4-5 times a week and is conscientious of what she eats. My mum’s self-confidence and motivation to do exercise was inspirational so I decided to do personal Yoga sessions with Gemma, as I was struggling with anxiety at University. I felt like a friend in Gemma’s presence and not merely a paying client- I felt comfortable and relaxed. I then attended an all-day Level 1 Reiki course – and it was a really fun day! Gemma cooked a hearty home-made lentil curry and we went to the beach. Since then I have done personal training sessions and gained results quickly- I went from 10.3 stone to 9.2 stone in little under 2 months! This was achieved by weekly work-outs and my own discipline in following Gemma’s nutritional and circuit routines. Gemma made sure we did exercises that I enjoyed and by submitting a food diary, Gemma tailored a nutritional diet suited to my tastes, rather than dictating what I should and shouldn’t eat- which isn’t always practical! Gemma always keeps in touch to see how we are doing to check on our progress and well-being. In summary, I can’t express enough how kind, caring and compassionate Gemma is, and she has been nothing but positivity in myself and my mum’s life! Thank you Gemma!

Christie, Portslade, East Sussex

Loved the workshop on shoulder anatomy with Gem I recently attended, she is passionate and knowledgeable and I learned loads  already booked on to the next workshop on Hips……cant wait x

Dolly Whitton, Brighton

Gemma has such beauty and knowledge in her teaching that makes you feel supported and able to grow in your own practice. A wonderful soul who teaches from her heart and experience

Rhian Zoe, Brighton

I consider myself blessed to have found Gemma as my yoga teacher. She has helped me improve my practice immensely, and encourages me to go just that little bit further each time if I want to … and I always do want to, with her help. She seems to know what my body needs at each lesson without me telling her. I really look forward to each session with Gemma and I feel wonderful during, and after, being in her company. She has a very special talent.

Glenda, Hangelton, East Sussex

Gemma welcomes everyone to her classes, understanding deeply that each person can access Yoga in their own way, regardless of physical or mental constraints. Her approach is open and filled with heart, helping each student bloom and blossom in their own way. Gemma was instrumental in getting me started with yoga, practising asanas outside in a community setting many years ago! Thank you, Gem!

Nathan, Brighton, East Sussex

An hour of one-to-one yoga with Gemma gets me back on track. I feel physically better and mentally calmer and happier. Gemma seems to tune into how I’m feeling and gears our sessions accordingly – I love it! And her massages are fab too!

Female, aged 42, Gillingham, Kent

Gemma is very personable and really knows her stuff in all forms of Yoga and naturally put me to ease with her unique take on Yoga meditation, stretches’s and beyond – I would highly recommend Gemma to anyone looking for new ways to relax and regenerate and to help with general health and wellbeing.

Simon Pepper, Hove

I never thought I’d enjoy yoga, I always thought it was a girls ‘thing’, but I’ve got to say, a year on…I love it, thanks Gemma for making it perfect! (Oh, and I’m not the only man there either!!)

Michael, Gillingham, Kent

Gemma has worked for the Solarfayre festival healing area as our yoga teacher for the past 2 years and hopefully we will have the pleasure of her expertise next year too! I cannot recommend Gemma enough, not only is she a very responsible, skilled and professional teacher, she is a warm, empathetic and approachable human being. I would recommend Gemma as a yoga teacher whole heartedly.

Heather Young, Holistic Therapist and Events organiser, Kent

I wanted to tell you that your workshop really inspired me and I now do headstands and handstands regularly in my practice and have started adding in cartwheels and balances – and this is down to you and your workshop really. You can plant a seed and it grows – and this is how I feel about your workshop when you encouraged me to do a headstand – so thank you Gemma, you are a lovely person with a wonderful energy and I just wanted to let you know that your yoga teaching ripples out – it really helped me, so thank you again!

Georgina, Brighton

I had a wonderful time on Gem’s Swedish yoga retreat (summer 2015). Gem was a friendly, relaxed and fun yoga instructor who finally convinced me to listen to yoga philosophy, along with introducing me to Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. Her morning classes were physically challenging, but she created a welcoming environment where each yogi could listen to their own limits. I’m looking forward to attending more classes by Gem in the future.

Natalie Lloyd, Brighton

Thank you Gemma for a lovely relaxing and informative yoga retreat in the most idyllic setting in Suffolk. I arrived after a full days’ work to be greeted by a lovely group of ladies, all different ages and made to feel welcome immediately. Our yoga sessions were both informative and challenging. Yoga Nidra was so relaxing, I immediately drifted away and once in bed fell straight to sleep. It was lovely to spend time away from the busy routine of every day. The retreat is where I can take my mind to when feeling pressured and pulled, and yoga will help me maintain a healthy body and mind.

Debbie, aged 52, Kent

I have used Gemma for personal training. She is excellent at keeping me motivated and my body is now much more toned now. She gives excellent nutritional advice too and I love her recipes and ideas. Although I do not practice yoga I attended one of Gemma’s yoga workshops which was amazing and I really took away a lot from that.

Theresa Howard, Brighton

I really enjoyed the Gem Yoga Retreat. I felt relaxed and not pressured, everyone was really friendly. My yoga practice has developed massively, my confidence and ability. I learnt to relax more. My headstand has really improved!

Julie Parks, Hangelton, East Sussex

During the Gem Yoga Retreat I learnt about joint stability in arm balancing poses and the benefits of Yin. I loved the feeling of a daily yoga practice and felt how it has helped to open my upper back and the muscles by my spine from the Yin. The pace was really lovely, lots of time to relax. Loved it!

Dorathea, London

I have attended Gemma’s class few months ago and it was just the begging of my journey with Ashtanga and Gemma. I will not exaggerate saying that attending Gemma’s classes every week has changed my life at many levels. She is a truly inspirational little person, so passionate about what she is doing and very caring and understanding everyone’s needs. Gemma’s energy is beautiful which does make every single class with her a very unique and special experience. I have also attended a couple of workshops with Gemma and had an amazing massage with her (which I cannot recommend enough!!!). Thank you Gemma for being such a beautiful person and an amazing yoga teacher!

Anna Ludwig, Hove

Personal Trainer

I have just completed an amazing yin teacher training course with Gemma. As well as Yin, we also learned so much more. Gemma is truly inspirational, a great teacher who really personalises her training and explains things incredibly clearly. If you get a chance, go to one of her training courses!

Sam Goddard, Hove

Yoga Teacher

I attended Gemma’s Inversion, Core and Arm Balance workshop yesterday and it was excellent in all areas. Her warm and friendly personality made the workshop fun but also gave me the confidence to feel at ease and ask questions when I needed help. Her professional approach meant that I felt safe and supported at all times. I would thoroughly recommend Gemma as a yoga teacher and have always enjoyed her classes. An amazing way to spend a Sunday. Thank you xx

Justine Simon, Brighton

Private yoga lessons with Gemma – Each session is tailored completely to my needs and to my rate of progress. In my own home if I fall over during a pose no-one else is looking, and I can wear any ratty old clothes as I am not going out of my front door! Gemma is very good at changing what we do in a planned session if that week I have e.g. a knee problem. I have a very fragmented work schedule so this is particularly valuable as I would often have to miss classes at a time set well in advance to suit a large group. My Suppleness is increasing at a rate unique to me as the lessons are planned around my ability level. Additional dietary and lifestyle advice is offered in a completely non-judgmental and positive way.

Rose, aged 58, Gillingham, Kent

Amazing shoulders workshop with Gemma, so much knowledge and experience. If anyone is looking for additional training, these are the workshops for you. Will be on the hips and core workshops for sure. Thank you so much xx

Alexandra Fry, Brighton

It’s all your fault Gemma! I’ve become obsessed with shoulder anatomy! Your knowledge and enthusiasm was infectious at your recent workshop. Not only did I learn lots to pass on to my students but I also learnt so much about myself too. Thank you. You’re wonderful. Gutted that I can’t make your Hip workshop but I’ll be back!

Claire White, Portsmouth

I discovered Gemma & her yoga classes a few months back after being told for medical reason to try alternative therapy. I was at first unsure what yoga was all about but after contacting Gemma she put me at ease & I decided to bite the bullet & go! I now go every week to her classes & have felt the benefits, especially with my back problems. I also attended her “Back to basics”, workshop which I found practically useful as it gave me a deeper understanding on yoga & how breathing techniques & meditation really does work! I’d recommend Gemma’s classes & workshops to everyone as she is a very lovely person, approachable, caring & really does care about people & helping them. Every class is a joy & relaxing. She will always take the time to help you if you do not understand or cannot quiet do a yoga position. Time to myself is important & Gemma has helped me to do this & learn how to relax.

Jemma Wigg, full time mum, age 30, Medway, Kent

I started with Gemma in Feb 2015 weighing in at nearly 21 stone never having exercised for years. Touch my toes? I could hardly see them. Now, 3.5 stones lighter and 6 months down the track I can see and touch them. So, halfway to a goal I thought was unattainable but now I see as inevitable. Hard work – yes, but fun as well and I’ve learned lots of new things. Train the mind as well as the body and the results will come.

Andy, aged 60, Hangelton, East Sussex

I have improved technique, although I knew the foundations of poses there was much I didn’t know about more subtle parts to a posture. Gemma taught me it’s not just about finding the shape, but making it work in my body and helping me to identify which muscles I should be lengthening.Gemma is a great teacher and able to plan varied sessions. We covered so much from headstands to arm balances and really deep yin postures. Our sessions took a holistic approach, as Gemma incorporated her knowledge of alternative therapies, fitness training and reiki, and my body feels much stronger and far more open. I really liked the homework, well written and planned sequences for me to practice in my own time.I have a clearer idea of goals I want to work towards, and what postures to practice in order to reach them.

Female, Yoga Teacher, Portslade, East Sussex

After attending Gem Yoga Summer Retreat 2015 on a beautiful, peaceful farm in the amazing Swedish mountains I am definitely motivated to continue my Yoga Journey. Gemma had been my teacher for around a year and a half until she unfortunately (for her Yogis in Kent) moved to Brighton. Gemma teaches and engages well with her students and understands your individual limit. We practiced Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and so much more in one week. Gemma made it exciting for us to explore the Swedish countryside when we weren’t all bound and twisted!

Liz Back, Kent

After the Gem Yoga Retreat I feel I want to work on developing more self-love and compassion in my life. I feel I have learnt to focus my mind more both during meditation/yoga practice and outside, for example, not constantly looking at my phone. My yoga practice has got stronger and my alignment is better. I have been shown more advanced postures which I will go away and practice. I loved the feeling of a yoga family and the mixture of yoga, free time and day trips.

Hannah Stevens, aged 30, Brighton

I enjoyed the structure of the Yoga Retreat; yoga same time each day, eating together at set times, day trips and chill time. I really enjoyed learning about the chakras and yoga philosophy. I felt stronger in holding poses by the end of the week. I did my first ever crow and headstand with wall! I learnt new vegetarian recipes and did Yoga Nidra and Yin for the first time. I was in lovely company. There was no judgement or expectations, everyone could be their most free-spirited self.

Chloe Parks, Hangelton, East Sussex

After the yoga retreat I feel determined to develop in my yoga practice. I noticed that my body isin’t the same when practicing regularly. I enjoyed the community spirit and yoga family at the retreat. I enjoyed the more intense yoga in the morning, it helped me wake up. And I enjoyed the Yin and Nidra in the evening, it is a perfect wind down.

Joanna Loud, aged 30, Kent, England

On the yoga retreat I have learnt to eat more healthy foods. I feel I need to practice more than a few hours a week. I feel I am ready to push myself further. I loved meeting new friends, making time for yoga every day, and making time for me. I loved loved loved it… Thank you so much Gem.

Karen Barden, Hove

Leading a busy working life, I really wanted to improve my fitness, but without having to visit a gym. I wanted someone that could be flexible, yet reliable and up to the job. I met Gemma though doing yoga with her and my wife. When Gemma offered to train me, I was a bit sceptical about what could be achieved at home. Gemma continually gives me new challenges and work outs. It’s never mundane and she always manages to push me that little bit more.

Gary Barden, Hove, East Sussex

I started using Gemma as a personnel 18 months ago and she has help me lose 2 stone. She has also improved my diet and helped get back into playing sport.

Jon, aged 47, Hove

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