For those that know me, know I have done some travelling. Quite soon into my adventures I felt I needed more than popping from hostel to hostel and partying! Whilst this is amazing and so much fun, and I met so many amazing souls, after a while I feel I wanted more from my journey. When I travel now, or take a holiday, I like to go for a reason. The reason can still be to explore and take some time out for myself but I also like to take the time to reflect, to just be in this beautiful nature, on this Earth. I love going to beautiful places, but I also love to go on meditation and yoga retreats. Here are some of the reasons I like to go on a retreat:

  • Time for you – Experience real ‘me time’ away from day-to-day distractions, to reflect on what you want from life, time to be the real you, time to heal.
  • Rest and rejuvenate – Time to slow down and regain your energy levels. By taking a step back you gain a different perspective on your life and reconnect with whats important to you, and if there are any changes your want to make.
  • Deepen your personal yoga practice – With morning and evening extended yoga lessons you will progress with your own yoga practice. You will live, breathe and eat yoga, and feel the benefits of this beautiful practice.
  • Space for mediation – Most of us know we will benefit from meditation but can never seem to make the time, myself included!
  • Time in nature – Breathe the fresh air and come back to the simple pure beauties of life found in the tranquil countryside around us, yes here in England!
  • Eat scrummy veggie food, raw cakes and learn new recipes – You will find it effortless to detox your body on a retreat. With healthy food included in the package, you remove the daily chore of food preparing. Explore new yummy healthy food combinations!
  • Switch off digitally – Detox from electronic interference and over stimulation of text and email messages. Let your mind unwind and focus towards Self.
  • Meet new like-minded people – Connect with like-minded souls in a fresh new environment. You may make a new life long friend.
  • Time for your hobbies – We often neglect time for the things we love. Take the time on a retreat to do the things your love; reading, walking, creating.
  • Appreciate home – Removing yourself from the business of demands and responsibilities of your home life gives you the chance to appreciate all the things about your home you may have forgotten to be grateful for.